Hotels in Guatemala and Honduras


Hotels in Guatemala and Honduras

Hotel Mesón del Valle

The first of hotels in Guatemala and Honduras We stayed in the city of Antigua, a small city, but with many possibilities. Mesón del Valle is located on 5th Avenue South, right on the same street as the famous Santa Catalina Arch, very central and two steps from the Central Plaza of Antigua.
We were placed in room number three, which is quite small but enough to sleep. In the room we also have a small sofa and a small desk where you can work.
We also found the bathroom too small for our taste, but it has all the necessary comforts and objects for cleaning.
The rooms are located around a beautiful courtyard, highlighting the decoration of the entire hotel, very careful and adequate.
There is wifi included in the price of the room that works quite quickly and has no cuts, either from the room or from the common areas.
Breakfast is not included in the room price and must be paid separately. The price is five dollars to change. It may seem a bit expensive, but it is very complete and they serve it from 7 in the morning, although if you want they can prepare it a little earlier if you ask.
They have free coffee and tea service in the patio area and they also have a barrel with drinking water, which really comes in handy, especially if you don't have it at that time.
We recommend this option since it is a very central hotel, it is very clean and the treatment received has been most pleasant and close.

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Regis Hotel Spa

Hotel in the Panajachel center, on Lake Atitlan, on Santander Street, the most central of the town, which has hot springs and spa.
The rooms are small, with double beds, but enough to spend a night, especially for the great location it has.
The bathroom is also large, with all kinds of amenities and quite clean.

At the same reception they organize transfers to Flores, Tikal, Río Dulce ... the latter for 150 quetzals per person, which you can book directly there, if possible a couple of days in advance to secure the place.
In the Lonely Planet Guatemala guide, you have to pay entrance to Semuc Champey if you stay here, even if you don't go to the pools that day. This is incorrect, since access to the pools is only paid once you enter the premises.
Being an eco lodge, they have no electric service throughout the day. The light is given from 9 to 12 in the morning and from 6 to 11 at night.

Make your reservation here: The Semuc Champey Portal

Mar Marine Yacht Club

Hotel in Río Dulce. As happened with the accommodation of Semuc Champey, the Mar Marine Yacht Club surprised us positively, since we found it much better than we expected, due to the somewhat negative opinions we had read.
Being a little away from the most central area, which is only one street, they have very correct restaurant service, with a variety of dishes, good quality although with slightly higher prices than in the other places we were. The breakfast for example has a price of 65 quetzals per person, but we have to say that it is very good and abundant.

Breakfast is included in the price of the room, it is very high quality and also very complete.
They have wifi in all the facilities of the establishment, with a very good signal.
They do not have restaurant service but in our case it rained and they asked for food from a restaurant next door, giving us an unbeatable service.
We requested taxi service from Hedman Alas station to the hotel and after the hotel to the pick-up point to go to Cayos Cochinos and the hotel owner took us at no additional charge, something that demonstrates the quality not only of the facilities, but also of the services they offer.
Definitely an accommodation of 10 in La Ceiba.

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Turtle bay

Hotel in Cayos Cochinos.
We leave a full explanation in the days of the travel journal that we were in Cayos Cochinos, especially in which we talked about our experience in Turtle Bay accommodation in Cayos Cochinos.

Turtle bay

Metrotel Express

Hotel in San Pedro Sula, very close to the airport, just 10 kilometers away.
They have pick up service to / from the airport, for $ 15. The rooms are spacious and with every comfort and have a restaurant right next door, with a fairly large menu.
Breakfast is included in the price of the room, although it is quite fair, both in quality and quantity.
Coffee / tea service 24 hours at reception.
Wifi signal very good in all facilities.

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