Rano Kau and Orongo on Easter Island


Day 23: Easter Island: Ahu Tahai, Ahu Ko Te Riku, Rano Kau and Orongo, Vinapu, Ana Kai Tangata and Ahu Akivi

With the rental car already in our power, the next thing we have to manage is to buy the ticket that will give us access to all places on Easter Island. This is something that although you want to avoid, you should do, since among the places that are included, are all the important places of Rapa Nui.

Easter Island Ticket

In 1935, the protected area of ​​Easter Island was declared a National Park, and then in 1995 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and since 2016, co-administered by CONAF and the local community Ma'u Henua.

To access the Rapa Nui National Park you have to pay a ticket, which although some time ago, they only asked in Orongo and Rano Raraku, today they ask for it in almost 99% of the park's locations, so we recommend You buy the ticket the first day you want to start visiting the island to avoid surprises.
The ticket to access the Rapa Nui National Park is valid for 10 days from the first check you pass and is priced at $ 80 - 54000CLP (adults) and $ 40 - 27000CLP (children).
With it you can visit all the points of the island as many times as you want, except Rano Raraku and Orongo, which can only be visited once.
You can buy it at the stand that is in the access zone of Mataveri Airport during the arrival time of the flights, at the Central Office located on Atamu Tekena street (it is right next to the Oceanic car rental office, where you will see a tattoo shop and just behind a small white two-story booth where you put a ticket) or at the CONAF Provincial Office in Mataveri.

Being in the downtown area of ​​Hanga Roa, we chose to approach the Central Office, where we see that the price of 30000CLP has risen to 54000CLP from January 1, so we have to pay that new amount, although with an «extra »And since this year, the validity has increased from 5 to 10 days.

As we mentioned before, if you are several days in Easter Island, you can plan visits based on the weather. In our case, today that a sunny day has dawned and the weather forecast is to be maintained, we have decided to follow a route that takes us through some of the most emblematic places of the island as Rano Kau and Orongo, among many others.

South route Easter Island (half day)

This route will take us through the southern part of Easter Island to visit Ahu Tahai, Ahu Ko Te Riku, Rano Kau and Orongo and Vinapu.
The time to make these visits will be approximately half a day, moving by car and taking the visits with great tranquility, to be able to enjoy the places in the best possible way.

The first stop we make in the Tahai area, where we were already yesterday afternoon and where we were looking forward to returning to enjoy the place at this time of the morning, since the light at this time of day is perfect and offers a vision much more clear of the moais.

Easter Island Roads

We arrived at Ahu Akivi at 18:30, finding ourselves alone before one of the most incredible places on Easter Island. We are sorry to use both words as incredible or wonderful, but it is impossible to describe otherwise this magical land.

Ahu Akivi

This was the first platform that was completely restored on the island and one of the things that has been most talked about and that most attract attention is the direction towards which I looked