The 5 most amazing Broadway musicals (and how to buy them)


Surely when you start thinking about a trip to New York, at one time or another of the planning you start thinking about the possibility of seeing a musical. We have even recommended it to you, on more than one occasion, as in the list of 100 things to see and do in New York.
And is that go to New York and see a Broadway musical It is as essential as eating a hot dog in a street stall or eating a hamburger in Shake Shack.
That's why we want to give you all the necessary information so you don't miss this incredible date that awaits you in the Big Apple.

To start we want to leave you a selection of those we believe, are the five most amazing Broadway musicals and that you can't miss (at least one of them).
Although there are many more, and surely there will be one that is perfect for you, it is always important to start from a base and know at least some of the most viewed and recommended.

2. Cats

With a less known argument, Cats tells the story of a group of cats that gather in the moonlight to decide which of them takes the road to a new life. The costumes are so real and the choreographies so complex that you will really come to mind if they are not really real mininos.


5. Hamilton

The latter may be the great unknown to the Spanish public, but it is the last cry in the United States. We will only tell you that Obama and Beyoncé are his best known fans ...
And it is a somewhat peculiar musical: it tells the story of the American country to the rhythm of hip-hop songs by one of its founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton.
They are three hours in which, we assure you, you will forget the clock.

How to buy tickets for the most amazing Broadway musicals in 5 easy steps:

We advise you to buy them online before going on a trip to avoid being left without seeing your favorite musical, not having good seats or wasting hours queuing.
We always say that time on a trip is essential, so let's start!

1. You can search several pages of tickets, although we recommend this one: It is Spanish, has very good prices and also a personalized customer service.
2. Once inside you have to select the city, travel dates and «Theaters»To see all most amazing Broadway musicals that are available during the days of your trip.
3. Choose the one you like best and it's time to choose seats!
to. You will see that you have Orchestra (most advanced part), Mezzanine (second line) or Balcony (far away) and you will have to decide if you want to be centered or on either side.
b. It depends on what you want to spend you will access some areas or others.
Recommendation: avoid the first rows and the farthest so as not to miss part of the show.
4. With the seat decided, you proceed to the payment and you receive a confirmation email, which is different according to the theaters:
to. It can contain a PDF with the entries
b. It can contain a code with which you will have to go through the ticket office together with your ID to redeem it for the tickets.
5. And after these simple steps there is only one thing left, the most important: enjoy!

Keep in mind that it is important to arrive in advance so that you do not miss anything and that the average duration is usually more than two hours, so you should plan your day based on that.

We are sure that you will enjoy as much as we have done and that is to live a musical on Broadway is one of those things that are always remembered.

** This article is written as part of a collaboration with Hellotickets, but always based on our experiences, with original content and without any brand having influenced us in any case.