The best free tours in Milan for free in Spanish


The best free tours in Milan for free They are without a doubt, one of the activities that you can not miss when traveling to the fashion capital. Known to many for not having a fixed price, this is decided by the traveler after the activity, based solely on their final evaluation of the tour.
In addition, these are done in Spanish, something that adds great value to the free tours in Milan, so that you can learn about the history of the city and the places you visit in your own language.

After our passage through the city, of which we write guides optimized for days and the travel guide to Milan and Bergamo, we leave you the one that is for us, the best free tour in Milan for free.

Free tour in Milan in Spanish

East free tour in Milan It will take you to know, at the hands of a guide in Spanish, the history of the city and its relationship with fashion as well as some of the essential places to visit in Milan.

The tour of this tour, considered one of the best free tours in Milan, will start in the Plaza del Duomo, from where you will stroll through the historic center of the city, knowing the history and anecdotes from the guide in Spanish.
From here you will reach the Basilica of San Nazaro in Brolo, one of the most amazing places in the city, from which you will know much more in this free tour of Milan.
The next stop will be the Statale University of Milan, the first in the country, which in addition to its history you will meet some of the characters who studied here.
The route continues in the Cathedral, one of the most recommended visits in Milan, which highlights its impressive architecture.
From here you will continue to the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, where you can check the reason why this gallery has become one of the most incredible and visited places in the city, then go to Plaza della Scala, where you will see the famous theater.
The Merchants' Square and the Business Square will be the last places you will visit on this free tour in Milan.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the visits on the Free tour in Milan in Spanish

What tip to leave on free tours in Milan?

We know that this is one of the most asked questions by travelers who do some of the free tours in Milan for the first time. As we commented at the beginning of this article, these excursions have the characteristic of not having a fixed price, so it is you as a customer who must decide what their price is, depending at all times on your final evaluation of the tour.
From our experience and without this being an obligation or a written rule, we believe that whenever your assessment is good, the minimum amount that should be given to the guide in the form of a tip, is 10 euros per person and in case of traveling with children , keep in mind that these normally do not pay, although you can always increase the amount you give per adult, to compensate.

That said, we do believe that although the tour includes the word free, this should not motivate you to to abuse of the circumstances. If together we do not collaborate so that free tours in Milan keep performing, they will end up disappearing.

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We will continue to update the post as more are included free tours in Milan.