Route through the French High Pyrenees


We will not deny that as good travel lovers, whenever we are not traveling, we are thinking of new destinations. One of the ones we have in mind right now is a route through the French High Pyrenees that we hope to be able to do shortly and that we are already beginning to sketch.

Way to reach the French High Pyrenees

There are different ways of get to the French High Pyrenees:
- From Barcelona / Lleida / Girona:
You can take the A2 to Lleida and always go towards Vielha. You have to go through the well-known Vielha Tunnel and from here you will roast to France for Les. In this area you have to take direction to St.Beat-St Gaudens-Toulouse and from here the N-125 towards Montrejeau from where you will reach the highway that will take you directly to Lourdes, point where you can start the route through the High Pyrenees French that we propose.

- You can also find flights to Toulousse from Spain for about 70 euros through Best Flight and from here rent a car to make the route or transfer by train to Tarbes.

Itinerary through the French High Pyrenees

After reading in different media the possible visits that we can make in the French High Pyrenees, we have chosen to take a tour of the best known points, mixing nature, culture, gastronomy and relaxation.
The Ideal duration for this route through the French High Pyrenees is about 4 or 5 days, adding the times we take in the round trip, as we choose to come by plane or by car.

Visits in the French High Pyrenees

- Pont d'Espagne
Pont d'Espagne is the gateway to the High Pyrenees National Park, the oldest of the National Parks of France.
It can get to the Pont d'Espagne, its name comes from a bridge of this place, on foot or by chair lift. If you opt for the first option you have to have a one hour and a quarter walk more or less, with medium difficulty and if you decide on the chair lift the journey is half an hour plus a quarter of an hour walking in a flat area. The price is 9 euros per person and leaves you up to the Lake gaube where you can find a terrace with a spectacular landscape.

Luz-Saint-Saveur. Photo credit: Garaigoikoa / iWoman / CC BY

- Cirque de Gavarnie
The Cirque de Gavarnier with more than 30,000 hectares was described by Victor Hugo as «colossus of nature«.
Formed by incredible glaciers, now disappeared, they have left us as inheritance absolutely stunning landscapes that will be the final climax of this route through the French High Pyrenees.